Introducing Rainmaker

Rainmaker is a tried and tested online diagnostic tool.

In just one 90 minute, face to face interview with your client, you will be able to give your client a snapshot of where their business sits; where they want to go and how to get there without making costly mistakes.

With Rainmaker you can take your client through 15 different areas of law to identify major areas of opportunity and risk within their business. Using this information, your client will work with you to design a proactive, long-term work-plan in accordance with their priorities, budget and cashflow.

Forewarned is forearmed

Ever had a client ring you in a panic because a crisis has emerged in their business?
And, worse yet, you realized it was all preventable?

Most legal problems can be controlled or avoided.
The problem is often clients don’t know they have a legal issue until it’s too late.

Rainmaker shifts your client engagement from reactive to proactive.
It allows you to methodically and wholistically identify potential legal issues
within your client's business – protecting your client from expensive mistakes and helping their
business become more successful.

Generate huge value for your
clients…in just 90 minutes.

During a single, 90 minute, face to face meeting with your client, you work through the step-by-step Rainmaker diagnostic process with them.

Step 1

Rainmaker provides you with engaging information and questions about key legal topics across 15 areas of law relevant to small and mid-sized businesses, capturing your client’s responses as you go.

Rainmaker’s built-in “cheat notes” will help your queries be relevant and concise.

Step 2

Rainmaker flags potential threats and opportunities in your client’s business.

Significantly, your client rates how important each issue is to them, and indicates when they want you to deal with it.

Step 3

When your interview is finished, Rainmaker generates a detailed report (that you can edit as you wish) identifying the issues and setting out your client’s work plan with priorities and deadlines set for all the legal issues identified.

Great ease-of-use.
On-screen prompts.
Outstanding support.

Although Rainmaker is comprehensive, it’s remarkably easy to use. You’ll get the concept in about 5 minutes flat.

Rainmaker focuses on your client. Just follow the prompts for each part of your explorative conversation. On-screen notes provide you with context-sensitive suggestions. Our User Guide contains simple instructions to help you get the most from Rainmaker. If you need a little extra help, send us a support request and we’ll have you sorted as quickly as possible.

Clients love the Rainmaker approach.
And they appreciate the value you
create for them as a result.

Rainmaker creates
peace of mind.

Rainmaker changes your client’s paradigm from a reactive, crisis-generated approach to law, to a proactive approach.

Rainmaker is designed to increase the value of your client’s business and help them avoid the common pitfalls that often derail businesses. Better protected clients and a more profitable practice. The way you always wanted it to be.

Rainmaker is possibly the fastest and most
sustainable way to grow your law firm.

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